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So, What Is &is Anyway?
OK, if I tell you, you’ll wonder how you never figured it out before.
I’m Andie. My place is named after me: & (and) + is – “&is”
Now it’s obvious, eh?

Why Come to &is?

Have you ever left your barbers shop wondering if you actually got the haircut you asked for?

Did you get the same haircut the guy in front of you got? Clippers round the side and some snipping on the top? But you asked for different things though, right? He was 60, and you’re 30?

Do you ever feel like you just keep getting “Standard Issue Blokes Haircut?”

That’s why you need to come to &is.

I can give you the right advice on the style you’re after, how to style it yourself at home, which products might be useful to you, and even suggest a hairstyle if you’re looking for something new.

To me, you’re not just a head of hair that needs a cut – you’re a bloke, just like me, who wants to look his best without spending too long in front of the mirror!

I know where you’re coming from – so lets have a chat about your hair.


Pride in Each Service
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    Beard Trim

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    Mustache Trim


Best Barber Experience
Mens Cut and finish - £22
Mens Wash, Cut, and Finish - £26
Seniors (over 65) Cut - £12
Seniors (over 65) Wash and Cut - £14
Young Men (16 and Under) Cut - £14
Young Men (16 and Under) Wash, Cut, and Finish - £18
Clipper Cuts (shaved all over) Number 1,2,3,4 - £12
Back, Sides & Neckline - £15
Beard Shaping/Trimming/Cutting Trims - £10
Mens Cut-Throat Wet-Shave (1hr min) - £30
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